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Jesus College, Ship Street Centre Lecture Theatre, Oxford

Friday 20 May 2011 09:30 – 16:00

How we can measure and understand the usage and impact of digital content within the education sector?
How do we go about defining value and impact?
Which metrics should we adopt to understand usage?
When is a digital resource a well used resource?


£25 Registration Fee to cover lunch and refreshments

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The OTTER Project have requested anyone who has used their framework to offer some feedback.

Link to CORRE Framework

The ORIOLE Project’s focus is on “investigating, understanding and disseminating about use and reuse of digital online resources in learning and teaching”.

To help the Practising Open Education Project encourages you to support ORIOLE by filling in a questionnaire.

In addition to helping the project there is a small reward, besides knowing you are helped understanding of online and open resource use. You can nominate charities to receive a donation from the ORIOLE. All deserving causes and the three with the most nominations will each get £100. The list of charities to select from is here

Link to Questionnaire

The Visual Arts Data Service (VADS) have announced that the RCA has made two of their special collections available online through the VADS website.

The RCA collection includes works by Tracey Emin, Peter Blake and David Hockney

Link to Collection

And the RCA Record of Student Work Collection

Link to Collection

Many thanks to Amy Robinson at VADS

Open University are holding events in Bristol – 21st June and York – 27th July.

The seminar is “aimed at educators who would like to find out about the fundamental concepts of OER” and will cover the benefits of using OER, successful OER projects and how to find OER, it will also have an overview of Creative Commons licensing.

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Project Update


Focus Group Reports
All the project partners received their reports some weeks ago which feedbacks the comments from the wide range of staff who attended each session. The project team have made some analysis to help each department identify the key key themes emerging. The themes have helped the reports draw out potential pathways for the sustainable release and use of OERs and importantly support staff the use of resources in order to develop sustainable ‘open educational practice’.

Action Plans
The reports include ‘Ideas for Consideration’ which build on the individual partner institutions’ specific themes to help them each department to produce clear Action Plan that will support sustainable ‘open educational practice’ beyond the period of the project itself.

For further information Stephen Mallinder (Project Manager)

OER Glue


OER Glue is an innovative approach to the use of resources which allows OERs to be used in situ as opposed to copied into other systems.Functioning in this way it can integrate materials available through blogs, Twitter, Google Docs etc.

The browsing software will be available shortly but you are invited to sign up for the existing beta version.

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