Request for Collaborative Materials


Alex di Savoia from the University College, Falmouth, who has been involved in the UK OER Programme has requested help from the community:

I’m currently developing UCF’s “Intellectual Property Rights for Educational Environments” OE course as part of Phase II. I’m in the midst of specifically developing modules around Collaborative working and how this relates to IPR. There are two modules, the first is a Level 1 “General Introduction to Collaborations” and the second is a Level 2 “Collaborations within an Institutional Context”.

I am really struggling to find information on either of these two – well, anything that is education/university-focused or focused on collaborative creating learning objects. There were a few collaborative projects from Phase 1. Is there material available that detail your collaborative process – especially dealing with IPR? Documents, case studies, “talking head” videos, etc would be greatly appreciated. And, if possible, these would be released as OERs through our course. Ideally, this material would be around one of the following issues/subjects:

· The basics of collaboratively creating learning objects/OERs – a flowchart / outline / etc

· Problems / issues encountered and how they were overcome

· Differing approaches to IPR between the partners / how did you handle different IPR policies & frameworks?

· Legal issues, especially around clearance

· Project management – a flowchart / outline / etc

· Moral rights / ethical rights – different policies or strategies between the institutions involved? If so, how was this overcome?

If these materials don’t exist, would it be possible to speak and brainstorm ways that UCF could create OERs that cover these areas based on your experience?

FYI, I have found amazing resources that cover these areas via the CREST Report and the Lambert Review. I will be adding these as resources. However, they are focused specifically on research collaboration and HEIs working with industry partners. What I really need are materials that cover collaborations between universities around creating OERs/learning objects

If you can offer help or advice please contact alex:


One Response to “Request for Collaborative Materials”

  1. Hi,

    Just came across your site and can see the info you have on UAL University of the arts London is out of date, UAL are currently involved in the JISC UKOER phase 2 please see links below:

    All the best

    Chris Follows

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