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OER Glue


OER Glue is an innovative approach to the use of resources which allows OERs to be used in situ as opposed to copied into other systems.Functioning in this way it can integrate materials available through blogs, Twitter, Google Docs etc. The browsing software will be available shortly but you are invited to sign up for […]

Follow the Sun is a 48-hour, non-stop, global conference beamed consecutively from UK, USA and Australia. There is a strong OER theme running through this year’s conference. UK Day 1 sees a debate on the open university in the 21st century led by Jim Taylor and including Wayne Mackintosh (WikiEducator). UK Day 2 has an […]

Project Update


The Focus Group Reports have all been completed with the aim of assisting the six project partners to formulate their Action Plans. To download PDFs which were used in the Focus Groups: POE Project Focus Group – Overview and guidelines[1] P.O.E. – Focus group questions