The Digital Content Conference (JDCC) – June 30 – July 1 2009


Why Universities Need a Digital Content Strategy

The Digital Content Conference (JDCC) – June 30 – July 1 2009

Keynote Speakers:
Catherine Grout (Programme Director e-Content, JISC)
Robert Miller (Director of Books, Internet Archive)
Nick Poole (Chief Executive the Collections Trust)
Sarah Porter (Head of Innovation, JISC)

The Digital Content Conference (JDCC), hosted by JISC, takes place in the Cotswolds with more than 200 delegates in attendance to discuss the future of online content and the current challenges facing education and the UK’s national e-infrastructure.

With the Digital Britain report focusing on the Government’s desire to move towards a fully digitally literate society, JISC is highlighting and debating what is needed to ensure rich accessible content for education and research to be developed and sustained.

The conference will examine why UK universities need a sustainable, digital content strategy to successfully deliver accessible learning and research materials for the future.

Although the physical conference is fully booked – the conference website will be showing the keynote speeches live streamed and tweeted from 11.30am at

The conference will also be live blogged at and all delegates are encouraged to blog and tweet their posts under the conference tag #jdcc09

Find out more about JISC’s Digital Content Conference at and view videos highlighting all of JISC’s funded projects to put teaching, learning and research materials online at JISC’s YouTube channel


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